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Roof Rental

LHN Solar's Roof Rental Scheme is a program that allows companies to monetize unused
roof space in their commercial buildings. Through this program, we pay to companies for
renting their rooftop space, which will use to install more solar systems to enable large-scale
renewable energy generation.<

Participating building owners will also have the opportunity of purchase the solar power
generated for their own use, thereby contributing to national environmental goals, and
reducing their carbon footprint.

The benefit of LHN’s Solar Roof Rental Scheme enables participating building owners to
generate additional revenue stream by leasing their unused rooftop to us for solar system
installation. Owners also have the option to utilise solar energy generated from the solar
panels installed on their building rooftop. Switching to solar system energy not only reduces
the electricity bill but also reduces the carbon footprint. Additionally, the installation of solar
panels can absorb the sun’s heat and radiation, reducing the amount of heat entering the
building and the amount of air-conditioning needed to cool the interior.