6 Common Myths about Solar Panels in Singapore

6 Common Myths about Solar Panels

6 Common Myths about Solar Panels in Singapore

6 Common Myths about Solar Panels

Debunking solar panel myths in Singapore, this article aims to simplify and clarify the facts about solar panels in Singapore. Solar panels have revolutionized the generation and consumption of energy around the world, providing a sustainable and cost-effective solution. However, misconceptions and myths prevent many people from entirely adopting this renewable energy source. This article debunks six common solar panel myths and illuminates their true potential, empowering people in Singapore to make informed decisions regarding solar panel installation.

MYTH 1: Solar panels are too expensive

The cost of switching to a solar system has decreased substantially in recent years due to technological and manufacturing advancements. Despite the widespread belief that upfront costs are high, it is essential to dispel this misconception. At LHN Energy, we understand the financial considerations of solar panel installation. For this reason, we offer our customers a variety of financial options with little to no upfront costs and maintenance fees. We believe that everyone should have access to affordable, environmentally friendly energy. Contact us today to learn more about our financing solutions and how you can take advantage of solar energy without breaking the bank.

MYTH 2: Don't work in cloudy weather

While it is true that solar panels produce the most electricity when exposed to direct sunlight, they can still produce electricity on cloudy days. Singapore’s climate, with its occasional cloud cover, is well-suited for solar energy systems.

Solar panels are designed to capture both direct and indirect sunlight, allowing them to generate significant amounts of energy during cloudy days. In addition, technological advances in solar panel efficiency have enhanced their efficacy in low-light environments. This ensures that your solar system generates consistent electricity throughout the year, regardless of Singapore’s climate.

MYTH 3: Require constant maintenance

Solar panels require only minimal maintenance. The main maintenance requirement for solar panels is periodic cleaning to remove dust and debris. This can be easily accomplished using a hose or soft cloth. In tropical climates, regular rainfall can often provide adequate cleaning, reducing the need for additional maintenance.

MYTH 4: Not durable and won't last long

The lifespan of a solar panel is typically 25 to 30 years. After that, the panels may start to experience malfunctions and decreases in efficiency, although they can still continue to produce some electricity for several more years. It’s important to note that the actual lifespan of a solar panel can vary depending on factors such as the type of panel, location, weather conditions, and maintenance practices.

MYTH 5: Solar panels can cause roof damage

Solar panel installations do not cause damage to the roof, but it depends on the specific roof type and the method of installation. When installed properly, solar panels can be an effective way to generate renewable energy without causing harm to the roof.

MYTH 6: Solar panels are only for environmentally conscious individuals

While it is true that solar panels contribute to a greener and more sustainable future, their advantages extend beyond environmental considerations. Solar panels not only help reduce electricity costs but also provide building owners in Singapore with the ability to take control of their energy consumption and costs. Regardless of your initial motivations, solar panels offer practical and financial benefits, making them a worthwhile investment for any building owner in Singapore.


It’s time to debunk the myths surrounding solar panels in Singapore and embrace the undeniable benefits they offer. Solar panels provide a sustainable and cost-effective solution, allowing you to reduce electricity costs, take control of your energy consumption, and contribute to a greener future. Don’t let misconceptions hold you back from harnessing the power of solar energy. Contact us today for expert solar panel installation. Let us help you unlock the remarkable advantages of solar panels and embark on your journey towards a brighter, more sustainable future. Get in touch with us now and make the switch to solar energy in Singapore.